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Can Make You a Better Player!

Individual training is an effective means for a player to improve. 
CT VIPERS helps players better their game through private & semi-private training sessions. Instructors work closely with each player to develop and implement training programs that provide measureable results.

Private lessons are for boys and girls ages 10 and up who want to improve their basketball game and the desire to go to the next level of skill development.

The basics of basketball are introduced in a structured learning environment where the player does not feel the pressure of performance.

  • The coaching environment allows for the tailoring of drills and techniques to suit the individual’s goals
  • Each session is structured to improve and build upon your current level of play
  • Lessons can be designed for one or more players

Better basketball players are developed through their training and dedication to refining their individual basketball skills and athletic ability, whether it’s during the season and off-season. An important part for your individual development – to improving your game!

Call Scott Bilodeau 860-706-3435 or James Starr 860-919-9538

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